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Specialist Lifting Projects
Compact Lifting Solutions retains an impressive amount of knowledge to undertake specialist lifting projects.
Conventional Mobile Cranes may not always gain access to some external / Internal Lifting projects.
Compact Lifting Solutions can offer alternative lifting equipment e.g. Hydraulic Lifting Gantries from 30 - 400t capacity. These systems are also used for a vast amount of internal lifting where headroom is very restricted.
We also offer AC powered Lifting Gantries for working within clean working environments (e.g. Food Manufacturing Industry).
Specialist Lifting
For further information about our Specialist Lifting Projects
please call +44 (0)1482 351546 or enquire online
With years of experience, our
team has lifted all types of
machinery and objects. We
ensure the right equipment is
used for the job, even in difficult 3 circumstances

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