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Machinery 1 Moving
Relocating a factory or installing machines can be a major disruption for any business, so keeping downtime to the absolute minimum is of prime concern. After all, every minute of production lost comes straight off the bottom line.
From project planning to operation, Compact Lifting Solutions can provide a safe and comprehensive machinery moving service
With Compact Lifting Solutions you receive our commitment that no effort will be spared in achieving and fulfilling a mutually successful contract. The infrastructure in terms of financial stability, Health & Safety, Training and Insurance are all in place and available for inspection, but the most important factor, often overlooked when comparing companies, are the front line personnel who have the most significant contribution to make in promoting and achieving our success and your invaluable repeat orders. They are crucial in maintaining control of the contract from inception to completion and are the life blood of any business.
That’s why, at Compact Lifting Solutions, we are confident of minimising disruption for every relocation project. We know you will judge its success by the quality of the service and how your company is able to minimise production downtime throughout the operation.
As with any production rationalisation, diligent planning
is a fundamental requirement. Time spent identifying and detailing the project activities and producing a critical path is never time wasted. Our many years of relocation experience means we can advise you of the most effective sequence of moving machines, work in progress, stock, materials - and staff if required.
For a free site survey contact the Lifting team on
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