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Contract Lifting & Machinery Moving
For any company that requires machinery / heavy equipment or goods lifting, but doesn’t have the relevant necessary qualifications, Compact Lifting Solutions is ready and waiting.
Contract Liftin
Our contract lifting teams are fully qualified, and will ensure your lift will adhere to all present lifting regulations
For a free site survey contact the Lifting team on
+44 (0)1482 351546 or enquire online
Compact Lifting Solutions will visit the site to assess the operation, and prepare a Method Statement, Risk Assessment and Lifting Plan. We’ll then provide a team of highly experienced lifting personnel
to take care of the whole operation and make sure that all work is carried out to the relevant British Standard (BS 7121-1 2006) Puwer & Loler 1998.
Not only can you be absolutely confident that the whole lifting operation is being taken care of by experts, but you will probably find that it can be more cost effective than you providing labour and insurance from your own resources.

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