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Industrial Dismantling
Compact Lifting Solutions are able to provide bespoke plant dismantling and industrial
5 dismantling services to best suit your requirements, whether it be a
single machine relocation or a full scale factory move.
Electrical Services
Our electrical services team can help with the safe installation of machinery and equipment
call the team on +44 (0)1482 351546
When Compact Lifting Solutions undertakes your project we do so in the knowledge that the control of the project will stay firmly within our own grasp.
To achieve this fundamental requirement we employ our own electrical personnel with an engineering bias towards machine control
and power wiring. Our skills have particular reference to any installation involving variable speed drives, multi-motor drives and complex integrated control systems.
The electrical installation of machinery and equipment requires care and skill to achieve a successful end result. Compact Lifting Solutions have been active in industry for many years and our experience has helped both manufacturers and end- users alike to carry out installations of machinery with the minimum down-time and disruption to normal working patterns, essential in maintaining all-important production schedules. We employ tried and tested working arrangements that ensure the integrity of existing control system terminations are maintained throughout from disconnection to start up.

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