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Health & Safety forms the cornerstone of our comprehensive project management service
The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 place legal duties on clients undertaking construction work where the project is to last more than
30 days or involve 500 person days to complete. A CDM ‘co-ordinator’ and a ‘principal contractor’ must be appointed. Here at Compact Lifting Solutions we have the advantage of being able to act as both, and can therefore provide a full CDM service.
Our competent in-house management and supervisory personnel can carry out full regulatory duties. In accordance with these obligations we will:-
• Plan, manage and monitor the construction phase;
• Prepare, develop and implement a written plan and site rules
prior to commencement of the construction;
• Communicate relevant parts of the plan with other contractors;
• Co-ordinate Health & Safety aspects of design work and co-
operate with others involved in the project;
• Keep the enforcing authorities (HSE) up to date with project
• Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start
and maintained throughout the construction phase;
• Check the competence of all appointees. At Compact Lifting
Solutions we have the benefit of retaining long-standing,
highly skilled personnel;
• Provide all workers with site inductions and any further
information and training required for the work;
• Consult with the workers throughout;
• Secure the site.
At Compact Lifting Solutions we are able to offer our clients a reassuring combination of knowledge and technical know- how.
We pride ourselves on:-
• Looking after our clients interests at all times;
• Identifying potential Health & Safety infringements promptly
and immediately acting to avoid exposure to liabilities;
• Ensuring effective communication and co-operation within the
whole project team;
• Giving our clients peace of mind that there legal duties will be
discharged from beginning to end.
CDM Management

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