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Our highly experienced project managers in industrial and plant dismantling work within your time scales to ensure minimum disruption to your activity. We have the resources to deal with re-assembly at new sites both here in the UK and abroad as required.
We have over 30 years experience of successfully dismantling plant machinery and industrial machinery of all sizes and complexities within a comprehensive range of industries.
Our services include:
• Industrial Plant and Machinery Dismantling;
• Factory Relocation;
• Electrical Dismantling Services;
• Careful Match Making and Classification Service;
• Mechanical Dismantling Services;
• Transportation of plant - machinery and equipment;
• Expert Re-assembly Services.
Mechanical Services
Our specialist mechanical services division has many years’ experience, as well as particular skills in working with machinery and equipment.
The mechanical services team will be involved at the start of your project. At the planning stage we will assess the service support requirements of your entire facility. Using state-of-the-art computerised design, we can draw up plans to include all the pipe work, ducting, heating, ventilating, compressed air, air conditioning and extraction systems you need.
We can also arrange the mechanical services
for decommissioning, disconnection and dismantling of all machinery and, after
its relocation, rebuilding, alignment, leveling, reconnection and re- commissioning, ready for start up.
And knowing that effective communication is the key to a successful project, we ensure that the team assigned to a particular project stays with that project from start to
finish, wherever it takes them. That way the team not only gets to fully understand the requirements of the contract, but is in the best position to develop the most effective methods of handling through to a successful completion.
To this end we arrange regular site meetings, followed up with written action plans, making sure that that timing and installation schedules are agreed and achieved; while taking Health & Safety and environmental considerations fully into account.
The very many projects that Compact Lifting Solutions has successfully completed all over the world are testament to our success.
If you have a Mechanical Services requirement, and would like to discuss it with engineering professionals who understand your needs right down to the last nut and bolt.
Compact Lifting Solutions has the electrical engineering experience, equipment and
skills necessary to tackle not only the vast machinery of the volume producer, but also the needs of the small operator who may have just started out in business.
They will receive the same care and attention to their relocation or installation as would a large corporation, and the full benefit of our experience of large-scale operations.
The Compact Lifting Solutions team is backed by years of experience in the electrical industry. Our policy is one of continual improvement, not only in the field, but also behind the scenes in the office, where the firm base of every Compact Lifting Solutions contract lies.
Beginning at the design stage, with
thorough planning, good communications
and the practice of efficient and effective management, every project receives the same care and attention to detail.
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